Mysterious Human Heart: Three Part TV series Premier to Fight Heart Diseases

Worldwide premieres of a three -hour, three part television series, “The Mysterious Human Heart” will be on PBS on Mondays, October 15th and 22nd at 9 PM (ET).
Umpteen efforts and innovative approaches are underway across the globe in order to educate and inform the individuals about the advantages of maintaining healthy life styles. We find numerous organizations, agencies, governments, individuals, and combined and joint efforts working on same platform. “Mysterious Human Heart” is one of those organized innovative effort that aims to combat heart disease prevention. This time it will be the “TV-Media” to reach to the public at large.
Medtronic, AstraZeneca, and Mars Incorporated have joined hands to support the telecasting of new three-hour PBS Series of ‘David Grubin Productions’ and ‘Thirteen/WNET New York’ in association with WETA Washington D.C. ‘Fannie E. Rippel Foundation’ is supporting this television series financially.
“Mysterious Human Heart” is a program that will help to educate everyone about the burden and consequences of cardiovascular diseases. This three part series will also initiate a process to inspire patients to take the responsibility of their own heart-health. It will enable them to talk to their physicians in an effective way. It also aims to equip them in such a way that the patients will help their physicians to work out and develop a suitable treatment plan exclusively for themselves.
David Grubin, the ‘Series Executive Producer’, says,”When it comes to heart disease, information can save lives”.
The series will demonstrate all the advancements and new discoveries in the field of heart disease prevention and treatments through the live experiences of the people.


2 thoughts on “Mysterious Human Heart: Three Part TV series Premier to Fight Heart Diseases

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