Racial Discrimination against African-Americans: Disgraceful Abuse of Authority

Patrick Hall’s case is a living example of inhuman, racial discrimination against the African-Americans, just because of their black skin color. It is a classic case in itself, where civic authorities and police department humiliated a respected citizen in this manner.

“I thought racial discrimination was something one reads about in history books; I was wrong.” Said Patrick Hall.

Patrick Hall filed a lawsuit for claims including violations of his civil rights.
It mentions that Patrick Hall served the United States army and now he is a decorated member of the Army services. After his retirement from the services, he decided to study further and took admission in western Illinois University at Macomb.

It was early 2006, and at the same time, he started his own tavern business in the city of Macomb. He was the first ever African-American entrepreneur in the history of Macomb city. He employed many of his fellow African-Americans. He was dreaming of a better future for himself and his employees.

For a society so white conscious, it was unacceptable to see a black man helping himself and his fellow Afro-Americans. Some racists’ authorities, including the police department started humiliating and terrorizing him. The Macomb city police department even denied his civil rights as a citizen. Police officers raided his business premises a number of times. Cops carried out search operations as if some illegal and criminal activity is going on at the work place.

Patrick Hall’s loss of composure did not stop here. Cops started put in an appearance at his work place sporadically. These police officers enquired with employees and other people. They managed spreading rumors among employees, his customers and public at large. It became problematical for Patrick Hall to reach at his work place. Police officers even used to stop and search him. They even did the same with other African-American employees and searched their vehicles.

Patrick Hall then decided to file a complaint against some police officers but he was bluntly refused. Circumstances were so detrimental that Patrick Hall could not run his tavern business anymore. He had to close it down. Left with no option, Patrick Hall had to leave the city of Macomb.

“I was treated like a convicted criminal,” said Patrick in his petition.


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    Please take some time to review Dr. Candi Hudson and Tawanna Thierry interview on Fox News – Randy Wallace Investigates:


    Dr. Candi Hudson and Tawanna Thierry filed a Discrimination Lawsuit against oil giant, Schlumberger. Although Dr. Candi Hudson and Tawanna Thierry are the first in history to firmly stand, the fact remains that racism and sexism has existed for decades. The harsh reality of Schlumberger’s market position and political association breeds comfort to “act” above the law. “Many are called, but only a few are chosen” taken from the Bible, brilliantly describes Dr. Candi Hudson and Tawanna Thierry decision to stand against “Goliath”.


    Wharton Spectator Story on Mrs. Cassandra Rabius:

    Schlumberger accused of sexual harassment



    Other Lawsuits Filed Against Schlumberger:
    Pollard v. Schlumberger Technology Corporation
    Plaintiff: Emily Pollard
    Defendant: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

    Case Number: 4:2007cv02298
    Filed: July 13, 2007

    Court: Texas Southern District Court
    Office: Houston Office [ Court Info ]
    County: Harris
    Presiding Judge: Judge Kenneth M. Hoyt

    Nature of Suit: Civil Rights – Employment
    Cause: 42:2000 Job Discrimination (Sex)
    Jurisdiction: Federal Question
    Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff
    Amount Demanded: $750,000,000.00

    Knight v. Dowell Schlumberger
    Plaintiff: Lashanda A Knight
    Defendant: Dowell Schlumberger

    Case Number: 6:2007cv01261
    Filed: July 25, 2007

    Court: Louisiana Western District Court
    Office: Lafayette Office [ Court Info ]
    County: St. Mary
    Presiding Judge: Chief Judge Richard T Haik Sr
    Referring Judge: Honorable C Michael Hill

    Nature of Suit: Civil Rights – Employment
    Cause: 42:2000e Job Discrimination (Employment)
    Jurisdiction: Federal Question
    Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff

    Thierry et al v. Schlumberger Limited

  2. Indians are ready to talk about Indians being racially discriminated outside India(shilpa shetty’s issue) and about racial discrimination between Africans and Americans. But what about the equally serious condemnable racial discrimination within India? Especially between South Indians and North Indians.
    The feelings and sympathy that we have, as concerned citizens, exported to foreign countries should be immediately imported back to India to understand and redress the racial bruises of the other Indians.Hopefully pray that Indians care for Indians.

  3. My name is Jacqueline Zeune. My address is 450 Heather Lane, Powell
    > Ohio 43065. I am a
    > black female age 42 married to a white male age 53. We have a son age 5
    > Garret Thomas Zeune.
    > I am writing this letter in the hopes that my cries for help from a
    > abusive husband as well
    > As a police dept. who will not protect me from this abuse be prosecuted.
    > This Saturday november 22, 2008 I called was placed to 911 by my domestic
    > violence advocate Donna Thomas. Donna phoned 911 on my behalf because my
    > husband had just chased me down the hallway and forced his way into my
    > bedroom. Within minutes of being physically threatened by my husband.
    > My intent was to take my son and return to a Domestic Violence Shelter
    > that we had just resided in for 3 Ã,½ weeks. As I was attempting to
    > shield my son and myself from the physical attack on my body my
    > Husband threw myself and my son backwards over a chair (causing physical
    > injuries to both me and my son), My back and my sons back are both marked.
    > After being thrown backwards over the chair my husband then proceeded to
    > force my son and I into a small tiny space against a wall. 911 was on the
    > phone the entire time as I screamed for my husband to get off of me and
    > allow my son and I to get up from the floor until the police arrived. My
    > husband held my son and I in that position for close to 15 minutes while
    > the police were in route to my home. While being held down on the floor
    > and blocked from leaving the home my husband also had a death grip on my
    > legs with his legs while leaning over us with his body and forcibly
    > holding me on the floor with his legs. My legs have very significant
    > bruises in the exact spot of being held. My left arm was injured as well
    > my right index finger pinched during the incident. The sherrifâÂ?ÂTs
    > office arrived at my home and entered my home.
    > I explained to them the incident and was given a report to file Domestic
    > Violence charges. I filled out a incident report as well as a Domestic
    > violence complaint form. Sergeant Butler of the Delaware SherrifâÂ?ÂTs
    > office was called to the scene approximately 1 Ã,½ to 2 hours after the
    > initial officers arrived and had taken photos of me and taken my
    > complaint.
    > Sergeant Butler entered the home and spoke only with my husband regarding
    > the incident. There was a total of 5 officers in my home. 4 of the
    > officers where white and one was black. The white officers spent the
    > majority of the time speaking with my husband while the black officer was
    > assigned to watch me.
    > Sergeant Butler had phoned Delaware County child services because my son
    > had also received physical injuries during the Domestic Violence incident.
    > Child services arrived on the scene and as I stood in the door way Sgt.
    > Butler brought the child care expert into the home and proceeded to
    > introduce her to my husband as Mr. Zeune. I was never introduced to her.
    > She was introduced to my husband and then my husband played for them a
    > tape he had recorded from the incident in which you can hear me screaming
    > the chair being forced backwards, me begging for my husband to please get
    > off of my son and I.
    > The child care expert was then taken directly to meet my son and never
    > introduced to me.
    > Sgt Butler at that time informed us that Ray and I both were going to be
    > arrested for child endangerment. I was in a state of shock. I asked him
    > why and explained to him that 911 was called to stop a physical attack on
    > me and that his officers had taken several photos of me and asked him why
    > my husband was not going to be charged. He told me there was no proof my
    > husband had caused the visible bruises on me and that our 5 year old son
    > had told a different version of the story and that he was a smart boy and
    > that what he (my 5 year old) was the deciding factor based on what he
    > said. He stated that my son told a different version and that my son was
    > not a liar and proceeded to place me and my husband under arrest.
    > No action was taken to protect my rights. I am still physically beaten and
    > bruising has darkened.
    > After being released from jail on November the 2th I again spoke to Sgt.
    > Butler and he again refused to press charges against my husband.
    > I was beaten and held down while holding my son for close to 15 minutes
    > all while 911 listened in on the phone as I begged for my freedom and
    > screamed from the hitting.
    > Please assist me with filing a criminal civil rights violation complaint
    > and any necessary criminal charges against my husband and the Delaware
    > County sherrifâÂ?ÂTs dept. My race is the only reason for this attack on
    > me and my child.
    > Thank you
    > Jacqueline Zeune
    > 614 214 5780

  4. I live in Canada and I hope you can get someone to hear you and help you file charges. Run away when he is not home. Save money a little a time, small enough amounts that it won’t be noticed. And pretend that all is well. And when he is least expecting it take your son and leave. Hope this helps a little. Donna
    email me if you want to ..

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