Higher Costs of Child Care and Early Education: an Issue in Deciding Whom to Vote in the Presidential Elections

Women Deciding Against Child Bearing Increases Risks of Crimes 

Findings of a new “National Poll”, commissioned by an anti-crime organization, ‘Fight Crime: Invest in Kids’, establish that the higher cost of quality pre-school and child- care is a major de-motivating factor for women. Women prefer to decide against having a baby because of this factor. Many of them also prefer to delay it even beyond the childbearing age.

The poll results indicate that 23 percent of women in age group 18-40 prefer delaying to start a family. These women intend to decide against having a second child. This percentage was higher in the age group 25-34. The poll research finds that children receive more attention and care when they are in some problem. These children are less likely to face troubles ones they grow up. The law enforcement leaders are demanding an increase in the child- care investments.

The poll results show that 33 percent participant women accepted that the higher costs made them decide against having a baby or just delaying the same. Almost 68 percent women agreed that child- care and early education is an important issue in deciding, whom to vote for in the presidential elections. The percentage was even higher in the age group 18-40 with a household income less than $25,000. One-third of these women said they were compelled to resort to difficult economic options like deferring an appliance purchase or a family vacation because of this high cost.

The poll shows that a child with denied child- care and pre-school is more susceptible to commit crimes as adults. “We’ll win a victory over crime when our commitment to putting criminals in jail is matched by a commitment to investing in high quality child care and preschool,” said Polk County Attorney John Sarcone. The poll indicates that 85 percent of women believe, America could reduce youth violence by helping kids get the right start in life through expanded access to high quality child-care and Preschool programs like Head Start.

Opinion research Corporation organized this poll on telephone and included 600 women participants. “Fight Crime: Invest in kids” is working for ways to prevent kids from crimes. This non-profit organization enrolls Police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors and other law enforcement officials, leaders and volunteers.


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