Baby Boomers: 7 Things to Know About Them

“Baby Boomers”, it is an interesting term to identify those who are born between 1946 and 1964.

Baby Boomers show a general tendency in favor of using their right to vote. More than 55% of the Baby Boomers prefer to vote in a federal, state, or local election.

Baby Boomers like playing lottery despite being financially comfortable. Nearly 41% Baby Boomers express their desire to play lotteries, try their luck, and win more money.

Home remodeling is one of the favorite activities for many of the Baby Boomers. Almost 30.8% Baby Boomers show a tendency to undertake home remodeling project.

Boomers have relatively higher incomes. They are generally wealthy people.Approximately, 35.6% of the Baby Boomers have households and either own or lease at least three vehicles.

Boomers represent an optimistic group of people. More than 39.1% of them, almost four in every ten boomers, have a firm confidence that their financial position will further improve in coming one year. Those who believe that their financial status will be either slightly ‘better-off’ or will remain ‘the same’ in the period of one year from now constitute about 90% of these Baby Boomers.

Large populations of Baby Boomers are not financially protected for satisfactory benefits to deal with any medical problem. More than 23.3% of them do not have any personal, medical, hospital, accident, or any other kind of insurance.