Vacuums Cleaning Claims Far Less True

Consumer Report’s Quick-Picks and Tips on Best Buy Vacuums

Consumers Union-NY, a new ‘Consumer Report’ (CR) finds the claim of vacuum marketers a little less than the truth. Vacuum marketers promote allergens relief along with the usual cleaning. Rigorous testing spread over several months confirmed this fact for various vacuums available in the markets. 

Consumer Union is an expert, independent nonprofit organization with its mission to work for a fair, just and safe marketplace for consumers and to empower them with information.  

Popular names including ‘Bissel’, ‘Dirt Devil’, ‘Dyson’, ‘Electrolux’, and ‘Oreck’ promise to filter allergens. Many of the products carry a seal of certificate issued by various organizations claiming their effectiveness. The test report finds that these claims are partially correct as they pick up allergen-sized particles. These particles are large enough to capture one fallen on the floor, says the Consumer Report. 

According to CR test report results, Electrolux recommends using its twin clean canister’s powerful brush-roll for deep cleaning. This model stopped cold with tough pet-hair test. Similarly, ‘Eureka Optima’ was a better mode version but it scored a poor rating in the emissions test. ‘Koblenz’ was noisy enough and requires hearing protection. ‘Metropolitan-ADM-4PNHSF’ was rated only fair in the hose-airflow test of Consumer Reports. 

The test results suggest that it is very easy to get confused when shopping especially if one has asthma or allergy problems. As a matter of fact, allergen particles should be large enough to pick and it must be an easy game for practically any vacuum.  

Our long list of ‘Quick Picks’ and ‘Best Buy’ includes vacuums that costs as little as $60 and proved capable at a variety of cleaning tasks”, said Bob Markovich of Consumer Reports. 

Consumer Report’s test findings identify the best vacuums for different needs. Criteria of defining needs include everyday cleaning, less weight, lower costs, carpet cleaning and floor cleaning. The ‘Quick picks include four ‘Best Buys’ including the top ranking ‘Kenmore’ at $300 and ‘Eureka Boss Smart Vac ultra’ at $150. CR also short listed three Hoover uprights that cost even less and weigh well under 20 lbs. The ‘Hoover Tempo Widepath US140-900’at $90, ‘Hoover Wind Tunnel Supreme US458-900’ at $130 and ‘Hoover Empower U5262-910’ was at $100. 

According to CR, Canisters are costlier than the uprights. It recommends ‘Wind Tunnel Bag Less S3765-040’ at 4180 with lower price and better pet-hair pick up property. ‘Electrolux Oxygen Ultra EL 7020A’ at $500 is a superb carpet cleaner and pet-hair pick up. 

Consumer Reports concludes that most of the vacuums are far from the perfect when it comes to handling. It recommends some tips for better bargain while shopping a vacuum. One should choose the right kind, keeping some facts in mind. Most vacuums perform well on bare floors. Uprights do best on carpets. For easy pushing and pulling a canister should be better choice. They are easier to use on stairs also. 

CR recommends that checking features is equally important. A switch for Brush on/off helps prevent scattering dirt on floors. Manual pile-height adjustment matches the height for carpets. Suction control reduces airflow through the hose when cleaning curtains and upholstery. 

Bag less vacuums buying require rethinking. CR test results indicate that there is no guarantee of spewing dust. HEPA bags and filters can provide added filtration but there is no certainty. A bag is generally preferred if one has allergy concerns.