Racial Discrimination against African-Americans: Disgraceful Abuse of Authority

Patrick Hall’s case is a living example of inhuman, racial discrimination against the African-Americans, just because of their black skin color. It is a classic case in itself, where civic authorities and police department humiliated a respected citizen in this manner.

“I thought racial discrimination was something one reads about in history books; I was wrong.” Said Patrick Hall.

Patrick Hall filed a lawsuit for claims including violations of his civil rights.
It mentions that Patrick Hall served the United States army and now he is a decorated member of the Army services. After his retirement from the services, he decided to study further and took admission in western Illinois University at Macomb.

It was early 2006, and at the same time, he started his own tavern business in the city of Macomb. He was the first ever African-American entrepreneur in the history of Macomb city. He employed many of his fellow African-Americans. He was dreaming of a better future for himself and his employees.

For a society so white conscious, it was unacceptable to see a black man helping himself and his fellow Afro-Americans. Some racists’ authorities, including the police department started humiliating and terrorizing him. The Macomb city police department even denied his civil rights as a citizen. Police officers raided his business premises a number of times. Cops carried out search operations as if some illegal and criminal activity is going on at the work place.

Patrick Hall’s loss of composure did not stop here. Cops started put in an appearance at his work place sporadically. These police officers enquired with employees and other people. They managed spreading rumors among employees, his customers and public at large. It became problematical for Patrick Hall to reach at his work place. Police officers even used to stop and search him. They even did the same with other African-American employees and searched their vehicles.

Patrick Hall then decided to file a complaint against some police officers but he was bluntly refused. Circumstances were so detrimental that Patrick Hall could not run his tavern business anymore. He had to close it down. Left with no option, Patrick Hall had to leave the city of Macomb.

“I was treated like a convicted criminal,” said Patrick in his petition.